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  • Greetings !

    I am regular viewer of TMKOC and biggest fan of all the characters in serial. On 03/06/2015, during the first break of episode we saw a mother daughter ad of Maggi. In all over India when the row is going on about the safety standards of Maggi, we do not expect the prestigious channel like SAB will keep advertising Maggi. Really awful. Care to be taken of the matter.

  • i really love to watch Tarak Mahta Ka Oolta Chasma. i don’t have sentence how much i like this tv show. my dream is acting, my passion is acting. and i want to do act in this show as a comedy actor.

  • Tarak Mahta Ka Oolta Chasma is the bast show of SAB TV. I am very biggest fan of this show. I want to be a part of this show. it my dream. and acting is my fassion.

  • Jo aapne recent story me Mr. I M Khare ke khilaf and about LOGO KA HAK MARNA shows, we are really thankful to you.

    But don’t you think that the thing you shown there is actually RESERVATION system in India and not the actual issue you said. DO YOU REALLY HAVE GUTS TO SHOW the same story against RESERVATION?

  • i like this programme, but pahle k episode kafi comedian the aur ajka k episode me pahle jaisa maza nahi hai, i requesting to director sir plz make comedian episode…

  • My whole family particularly I myself and my son daily watch this serial at 8.30 sharp. On holidays we watch and enjoy the previous episodes for hours. I receive an adverse remark from my wife that as other men, I watch this episode to seek Babitaji.

  • I am A huge TMKOC Fan. I have been watching it on YouTube regularly. Me and my Other friends (who are also TMKOC fans) believe that now TMKOC Should be shot In Ultra HD or FullHD or at least in HD Quality. TMKOC now has reached at the top of the Indian television. We want Gokuldham So. in HD now.
    What Do you think?



  • Renovation is good idea to see new look…
    Can you plan to put “Bharat Maata” picture in someone’s home….

  • If it is true that your show will end up in few months then please sir/mam don’t let his happen because you don’t how much fans you have if want to prove then please it’s my humble request that create voting /supporting page in google and Facebook then see the result how much people likes your show and you as a big fan of tmkoc a suggestion than please bring earlier tadka from first 3 years that bholapan and that choti choti baat par hasi majaak and that bachpana…. please please please don’t do that to us if you will go what we fans will see….?

  • We are watching Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chasmah for the last many years with keen interest.We are appreciative of all the characters,except Champak Lal Jayanti Lal Gadda and especially the way he abuses his son Jetha Lal Gadda before his grandson ,his Bahu Daya Gadda and many times before the whole Gokul Dham Society.This is really ridiculous.Normally our parents used to treat their grown up sons and daughters in a friendly manner to point out their mistakes and this should always be the practice to bring out fruitful results.
    I would urge/request the writer,director and producer to look into this and take necessary corrective measures

  • My family doesn’t miss any episode of Tarak Mahta Ka Oolta Chasma. This TV serial helps my retired father to pass the whole day as enjoyable.

  • I want to know that from monday till friday from 8;30 daily programme start.I failed to watch every day because of my Job,which starts from 8;00pm everyday.I just want to know that on which day and at what time (taarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah)repeat himself all episodes for the full week in one goal.please let me know as i am regular viewer of your programme..

  • Respected Sir,

    Once your serials were so good that our laughrt was heard on the floors but now you have lost that taste. It has been converted from comedy to a soap opera. Your topics are so lengthy that it gets pulled for 3- 4 weeks. Current Iyer episode is become so bore that it is more entertaining to watch any thing other but your serial.

    Dont make your serials sooo boring that we fall sleep watching it. You are loosing the fun.
    At the end of the day we want to be happy watching your serial bit you have adding to the pressure we face during the day.

    I am very sorry but I had to write it.

  • Twinkle Twinkle little star TMKOC is the superstar.East or west TMKOC is the best.I love this show a lot and i’m the biggest fan this show.
    so dekna mat bhuliyega taraak mehta ka ooltah chashma.
    dekthe rahiye hasthe rahiye

  • our family was a big fan of tarak mehta but since last one n half year it has lost its charm. The show is getting boring. earlier episodes were so funny. there was a huge fun as well as a social message.
    but now a days u r just portraying Gokuldham people unbelievably good. no good stories. just stretching episodes. if we watch old episodes no matter how many times they r repeated ,they r still so fresh. in recent shows we arent even able to laugh ,it seems your main aim is just to increase the number of episodes,please do something for your fans ,to bring the show back to its original level 🙂

  • I like all characters
    But main thing is that how all they stay together , helps together
    Very good msg to society
    This serial also different perspective from others

    But I think there is one family missing
    If you could add a Muslim family it’s very good message for society
    Because nowadays lots of rumours created to divide Muslims from society.
    Tarak Mehta ka oltah chashma is better platform to show Unity in diversity .

    So please think about that

  • Dear Producer

    Poptalal’s marriage subject always gets prime importance in almost all episodes. Its fine. But never did a single scene of any episode from the beginning has revealed about not having children to two pairs. (Tarak & Anjali, Iyer and Babita). Doesn’t it a crucial.

    Hope this subject may be thought of in near future in the serial TMKOC.

    Best Regards

  • best television show ever …all the characters are great love you all…..i had watched all your episodes and i’m a great fan of all them …God bless you all and go on and on …….meri subhkamnaye ki aaplog 1 lakh se bhi jyada episodes bnaye aur hmlog ko aise he hassate rahe….love u

  • I wish to know the subject of different episodes trlracdted so far.I have missed the continuity of several episdoe, Help is solicited .thanx

  • TMKOC..serial is the best serial….I am biggest fan of this serial. But I realised one one thing that in the serial more important is given to Hindu festival. seems that TMKOC
    Srerial make a agency of….Hinduism festivals. ..
    Plz give important to other festival in a same manner as Hindu festivals get so far in this serial.

  • I love this show. There are so many viewers of the show in our Assam. Really this is a great comedy show

  • Dear Producer Sir,
    My name is Stuti Roy and I am 5 years and 10 months old.
    I stay at Delhi and study at Somerville International School.
    I am a die hard fan of TMKOC and watch this episode only daily.
    Also I watch your old episodes in youtube.
    I want to meet you all and Tappu Sena.
    Please let me know your address. I will fly to Mumbai for the same.
    Looking forward to a positive repsonse

    Sujoy Roy (On behalf of Stuti Roy)

  • It is totally nonsense thing to think that a high profile school could give excellent education to your children. Good education is nothing to do with costly fees and glamorous institutions. Bharat Ratan, Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, great Indian Scientist, father of missile technology and nuclear technology in India and ex-president of India, not went to any high profile school, instead his entire school education was in government school.Do not commercialize education. I can’t understand why this show emphasizes on high profile institutions. Earlier also it showed some M.K.Gandhi College, in which every child of Gokul Dham was keen to get admission. It is ridiculous. If after all parents wish to get admitted their children , there is no need to bow before management people. No need to disgrace self respect of a tempo driver and a vegetable vendor. They can apply any school online for 25% quota for weaker section under Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act-2009, having less than one lac income per year. In fact they don’t need to pay any fees for entire school education. Government is going to pay all fees and expenses. Why this show TMKOC do not give publicity to such government scheme so that every poor child can get admission of their parents choice.

  • My family is regular viewing this serial since 2006 (Starting). My son Mihir is too keen for this; he is in 10th standard and even not missing the single episode. He is known as Tapu as look a lise d character Tapu. I had to purchase tata sky recording system for this serial only to enable him to view this serial at his suitable time. Dear Ashitbhai; I have been working with Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Mathura and very much glad to hear praise about this serial as being “hurti” (Surat).

    Since I have been working with India’s maharatna company and working for the nation; my company is also carrying lots of Social Activieties under CSR. In addition, I would like to let you know that we have a week long cultural event name “Srijan “at IOCL Township, Mathura having events like dancing/singing/painting/cooking/quize/antakshai/Dums charrades/Treasure hunt/Ramp walk/Theme based Photography/ Mad acts/Rangoli and participating more than 400 hundred members having age right form 01 year to 70 years old. Purpose of this program to bring awareness regarding the culture of India and development of new generation.

    We want to incorporate 2-5 minutes as promotion in your any one episode with your due permission. We will be highly obliged; if we get the slot in your famous serial. Hoping for a favorable reply from your end.

  • Hiii mein sagar hu tripura se..aplogo ki ye serieal sab episod mein dekta hu merabi sapna hein ki mein ekdin aplogoki sad kam karu kya ye munkin hein

  • I m watching Tarak Mehta on regular base but I have not disappointed before that I am now because of special entry of Tapu, we can see that director is unnecessarily dragging these entry since1/03/2017 till now with crap conversation and boring dramas so please kindly revel the suspense and make it likely for people.
    Thank you

  • We felt bad to see Tapu got changed. and seriously first time i changed TV channel.
    Tapu { Original} have the charisma..the Leader of Tapu Sena.

    Please bring back soon Tapu – Original

  • Shilpa and Kisan..
    Tarak Mehta ka ulta Chashma is our best comedy serial since last 5 years..from last few episodes,Tappu was left from TMKUC, We are requesting Mr. Asit Modi sir to bring back Tappu (Bhavya Gandhi) instead of newly selected Tappu to this show, we are badly missing Tappu.
    Please bring back him at earliest.

  • Why the character of tappu has been chaged. From the day one of the episode tappu was characterized by him but suddenly today onwards the person got Chnged and honestly as compare to the previous the current tappu is not comparable at all. So please try to return back our previous and natkhat tappu. We had used to seen him from day one. The attraction of show might get hamper for this. Because tappu was one of the main attraction of the show. So please try to return back our tappu

  • Tarak Mehta All Team character are so nice I love this show But Mr. Mehta (Shailesh Lodha) Last me
    सीरियल के लास्ट में जो बोलते है वो बोरिंग करते है उनकी लास्ट स्पीच बंद करवाओ यार बहुत ही ज्यादा बोर करते है वो Plz……… STOP

  • i watch tmkoc everyday at 8.30pm i m the biggest fan of that serial i have seen every episode so many times eventhen i enjoy it just as new epusode really very good show

  • May 8 strument play karta hu mujhe GPL may perform karna hai may durdarshan per bhi program de chuka hu may tabla dholak harmonium organ bashuri kango Jambo Duf may ye sub bajata hu bus ak bar performance dena chata hu

  • Tarak matha ka ulta chasma epsode is very commedy but sir plz tarak matha ke epsode ko seteday our sunday ko request

  • Tarak Mehta All Team character are so nice I love this show But Mr. Mehta (Shailesh Lodha) Last me
    सीरियल के लास्ट में जो बोलते है वो बोरिंग करते है उनकी लास्ट स्पीच बंद करवाओ यार बहुत ही ज्यादा बोर करते है वो Plz……… STOP…..Mr. Mehta (Shailesh Lodha) KAVI,,SHAYER HAI SHAYERI KARO,,,HE IS NOT ACTOR,,FACE IS NOT GOOD FOR SCREEN,,,SHOW SE BAHER KER DO DONOKO…ANITA & Mehta…

  • Tarak Mehta All Team character are so nice I love this show But Mr. Mehta (Shailesh Lodha) Last me
    सीरियल के लास्ट में जो बोलते है वो बोरिंग करते है उनकी लास्ट स्पीच बंद करवाओ यार बहुत ही ज्यादा बोर करते है वो Plz……… STOP

  • Tarak Mehta All Team character are so nice I love this show But Mr. Mehta (Shailesh Lodha) Last me
    सीरियल के लास्ट में जो बोलते है वो बोरिंग करते है उनकी लास्ट स्पीच बंद करवाओ यार बहुत ही ज्यादा बोर करते है वो Plz……… STOP…ye kis mahapurush ka idea tha…..sososososo bahut boring hai….public sab janti hai…mehta & anita ki jaga koi kubsurat jodi lo….ye casting team ki big mistak hai…astik kumar & producers please take action….this is public demand…all charactors are very good but this two mehta & anita is so so so so biggest boring…….

    $$$$$$ DILIP *** JOSHI IS THE HERO OF SHOW $$$$$$$$

  • Tarak mehata ka oltha cashma bahout badiya show hai aur muje bahout pasand hai &main kam karna chata hu jetha lal aur daya g k sath

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